Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rose Gold Hair

Good afternoon all! I put some temporary color in my hair yesterday to try and give it a rose gold look and I wanted to show you how it turned out, and tell you how I did it. Here are a few pictures with and without flash and a close up.

With Flash

With Flash

Close Up with Flash

Natural Light
Ok, now here is how I did it. Obviously I have fairly light hair so the color shows up nice and bright, if you don't have light hair you could try a deeper/darker color, or use hair chalk because that shows up on any hair color. I would not recommend trying to bleach/lighten your hair without the help of a professional, even if it is a small spot.

To make the color I used Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids Hair color in Pink and Orange, and conditioner. You can get Pravana at some beauty supply stores and online. For this application and about a cup extra for touch ups, I used 1 1/4 cup conditioner, I recommend an inexpensive basic conditioner you can buy in a big bottle, it really doesn't matter what brand. In a resealable container I mixed the conditioner, about 3 to 4 tablespoons of the pink color, and about 1 teaspoon of the orange, it is very pigmented so add a little at a time. It isn't exact of course just experiment until you like the color you have made, keeping in mind it will be a little lighter on your hair when it is all done.

Now for application, on clean, dry hair you want to take a small section from the bottom and clip the rest out of the way. With your hands, or a hair color applying brush if you like, start from the ends and apply generously making your way up as far as you want the color to go. I did about 1/3 of the way up. When you are finished with that section comb it through and keep adding sections until your head is done. Depending on how you do it you may want to add some near the top to give it more of an ombre look. The best way to do this is clip the very top layers of your hair away and add streaks to the layers underneath. It blends much better that way and looks prettier in my opinion.

Finally, let it sit in your hair for about 30 minutes and then just rinse out, do not wash your hair or add extra conditioner. It will not transfer on to your clothing/bedding and will last for a few shampoos if you don't touch up. If you have extra just keep in in your shower and use it in place of your conditioner, apply it to colored areas and let it sit about 5 minutes.

Hope this was interesting for some of you.
Thanks for reading,
xo, Megan

Here are some pictures of other times I have done it or had it done, for anyone else who loves pastel hair.

Friday, June 7, 2013

My Favorite Blushes

Hello lovely blog lovers, I obviously have a special love for blush, as you can probably tell by the name of my blog, anyway I wanted to share with you guys five of my favorite blushes. Hope you enjoy!

First up is MAC's Springsheen. It is a beautiful coral color with quite a bit of gold shimmer to it, sort of a more peachy Orgasm, it is also very similar to Benefit Coralista. Because it is a sheertone it is not as pigmented as the regular blush but I think it is perfect for this color because it could be a tad overwhelming with stronger pigment. I have to say that this is one of my all time favorite blushes, especially for spring/summer. Springsheen is suitable for a variety of skin tones and is available where ever MAC cosmetics are sold. MAC blushes retail for $21, or $17 if you buy the palette refill version. 

Next, in keeping with the MAC theme, is Pink Swoon, is a matte sheertone blush. It is a light/medium true bubblegum pink, that leans a little on the cool side. I find that because it is part of the sheertone line it applies fairly lightly but can easily be built up, and is a pleasure to blend. It might be a bit too light if you have a darker than medium complexion, but on the right skin tone it gives the perfect everyday flush. It is in the permanent (for now) collection.

For a cream blush I have NYX's in CB02 Natural. I was reluctant to try cream blushes just because they always seemed like they would be tricky to apply. I picked this one up at Ulta last year and I love it. It the perfect natural blushing color and applying it is really easy for me. I use the Real Techniques Contour Brush and just put it on before I apply powder. I am not as good at applying it with my fingers which seems like it would be the easiest way but I guess not for me, haha. I think this color would look good on any skin tone because it is so natural and can be blended to whatever opacity you desire. The wear time is pretty good for a cream blush probably 3 to 4 hours, but it still fades faster than a powder.
NYX cream blushes retail for $6.99 at Ulta and they are definitely a great value for money. 

Another blush that I love that is a great value is Elf's blush in Twinkle Pink. The pigmentation is really surprising for the price and I love that the packaging is similar to NARS. This is a pink-peach with gold glitter. The glitter is a teeny bit chunky, but for only $3 I think it is acceptable. I love the fresh healthy glow this gives me. I would recommend this for fair to medium skin tones. I picked mine up at Target but I know you can buy online as well. 

Last but certainly not least, is NARS blush in Gaiety. This a matte, very bright, very cool toned pink. It is absolutely gorgeous with a taupe eyeshadow and a similar shade on the lips. I don't wear it very often because it is so cool and I find myself leaning more towards neutral or warm shades, but it truly is an amazing blush. The only NARs blush I own actually, I do have Albatross highlighting powder, but that  is different. This shade can be worn on a variety of skin tones, although you may not like it if you have extreme yellow undertones. NARS blushes retail for $28, and while that is pricey, they also last forever.

From Left to Right: NARS Gaiety, MAC Pink Swoon, ELF Twinkle Pink, MAC Springsheen, NYX Natural

I apologize for the quality of the swatch picture. My camera has been doing this weird, soft focus thing, and I couldn't get it any clearer.
That's all for today, thanks for reading. If you want, let me know what some of your favorite blushes are. 
xo, Megan

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Review: Maybelline the Falsies Big Eyes Mascara

Hey everyone, sorry it has been a while since I have posted. I was just busy finishing up my classes. I am so psyched to be done and that summer is here. Today I have a review of a new Maybelline mascara saw at CVS. It is the Falsies Big Eyes.

I was interested in trying this mascara because I really like one of Maybelline's other double ended mascaras, the 24hr Bold one. The reason this one is double ended is because one side is for your upper lashes and the other for your lower lashes. I choose the waterproof formula because I have watery eyes and it is just better for me, but I do prefer the formulations of non waterproof mascaras much better usually. Here is how it looks:

I really love the way it makes my lower lashes look, the brush is really small so it is super easy to apply. I love the Clinique bottom lash mascara and this reminds me of it. Unfortunately, I don't really care for what it does to my top lashes. It isn't bad, just nothing special and the formula is a bit too dry for me. Honestly I thought about returning it but decided to keep it for the bottom lash side. I have been on the hunt for the best waterproof mascara so give me your opinions please. 

What do you guys think of it? Have you tried this one?

Thanks for reading,
xo Megan