Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Favorites

These are the items that I have been loving in April. April is a really great month for favorites posts/videos because everyone is breaking out their bright spring time make up and changing out a lot of their winter products. 

My first favorite is a blush/bronzer duo by Elf, in the color St. Lucia. 

This is a product that is well loved and well known by the beauty community, but I only discovered it recently. The hype about this duo is that it is very similar to NARS Orgasm/Laguna duo. Having tried both products, I can say that they are similar, especially the bronzers. The blush in the Elf version is less pigmented and slightly less pink than Orgasm. On the other hand, the bronzer in the Elf version seems much stronger, and less easy to blend than its NARS counterpart. With that being said, it is a great buy for the price, only $3 at Target!
Left: Blush, Right: Bronzer

Next up is L'oreal's Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer.

I have been loving this product for awhile (this is my second bottle), and all I can say is, this stuff is the best! It is the perfect dupe for the Lancome Elcat Miracle, and it has so many uses. I mainly use it as a primer under my foundation, but it is great for subtle highlighting over make up, and you can even mix it in with your foundation. It is a bit pricey for a drugstore brand, but it is much less expensive then the Lancome version, prices vary but it is currently at Target for $10.99.

Left: Lipgloss in Beige, Right: Magic Lumi Primer
My favorite lipgloss of April has been NYX's Mega Shine Lip gloss in Beige.

This is another product that I have heard great things about from a few different YouTubers, and I have to agree with them. I am not a lip gloss person really, it comes off too quickly and doesn't feel comfortable on.  I have only tried one other from the NYX gloss range but I wasn't a fan. This one is really nice though, the color is not a beige, but a really nice pink and it smells like cherries. Its still has the wear time of a typical gloss but doesn't feel sticky or glop-py on. Another plus is that NYX has awesomely low prices if you aren't familiar with the brand. I bought mine at Ulta for $4.99. (Swatch is above).

As far as eyeshadow, I have been reaching most for my MAC eyeshadow in Jest most this last month. 

Unfortunately, as hard as I tried, my camera would not pick up the true color of this shadow. It is gorgeous cross between a nude-brown and a coral color, with a frosty finish. While it is a light shade its not as pale as the picture is showing. I just sweep this across my lid and blend a medium neutral brown in the crease for definition and I love the way it looks. Mac shadows retail for $15 dollars, or $11 if you get the just the pan for a palette. 

My last favorite of April is a mascara, the Maybelline XXL Pro 24hr Bold in Black.

Step 1
Step 2

I recently rediscovered this after picking it up on clearance at Ulta, it used to be my go to mascara a couple years ago. I have very sensitive, watery eyes, and I have to wear waterproof formulas all the time, this lasts on me quite well and does not irritate my eyes. It is a two step mascara, step one being the volume builder, and step two being a topcoat that seals for it 24hrs. It makes my lashes look nice, nothing amazing of but it is nice to not always have to use a waterproof mascara. It is not discontinued but it's hard to find, I have seen it online, it is around the $10.00 mark.

And that is it for my April Favorites. 
Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed, and have a great day!

- Megan


  1. Hi Megan,

    Love your new blog! I'm need to try out a new mascara so thinking about buying the Maybelline XXL Pro. My blog is also new, have a read if you'd like to!

    I will enjoy following you,

    Emily xxx

  2. Love your pretty look!